images girls with stretched ears 00g

Encyclopedia of Body Adornment. How To With Kristin. Retrieved 16 January The Aztecs crafted plugs from gold and silver for the higher-class men whereas the lower class wore materials such as shells, wood, and copper. Please try again later. Saffron Barker - Duration: Ear-weights in varying degrees of size are also worn, commonly made from silver or bronze, though other metals such as copper or brass are occasionally used.

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    BLACK ACRYLIC PLUGS TUNNELS GAUGES FUNNY SAYING . Cat Eye Picture Plugs gauges - 00g, 1/2, 9/ Nov 5, Explore Ashley Elizabeth's board "Stretched ear lobes" on Pinterest. Septum medusa piercing tattooed girl with plugs. safepiercing: 00g helix 14g conch/lobe orbital 14g tragus 2g lobe (2nd hole) 1” lobe All piercings done by. Find and follow posts tagged 0g on Tumblr.

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    Gautama Buddhaan aristocratic and wealthy prince, had long stretched ears.

    images girls with stretched ears 00g

    In this video I explain how you can close your stretched ears. He wore heavy gold earrings or precious stones as a status symbol, and the weight stretched his ear lobes dramatically.

    Dermal punching is generally the preferred method for accommodating larger jewelry in cartilage piercings. However, some people are easily irritated by some metals; therefore, care should be taken when metal jewelry is worn. Bone, horn, wood, and stone were generally carved for ear stretching, but other organic materials that had the right shape naturally, from shells to teeth and claws, have also been used. Lost LeBlanc Recommended for you.

    images girls with stretched ears 00g
    Claw- talon- and spiral-shaped pieces are also commonplace.

    Many jewelry materials can be used in the manufacturing of jewelry for stretched piercings; materials that would ordinarily be too delicate or brittle to be inserted in smaller-gauge piercings are freely used.

    Encyclopedia of Body Adornment. The Lahu tribe from Thailand and the Karen-Padaung from Myanmar are two known Asian tribes that practice ear stretching. The instrument used to stretch the pharaoh's ears is unknown, but there are many possibilities including bamboo or wooden plugs.

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    images girls with stretched ears 00g

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    Retrieved 15 July Medical consequences and psychological motivations".

    She then pushes a wooden peg through each piercing. This can clearly be seen in one of his more famous images on his sarcophagus. Maybe one day I'll be able to stretch again.

    images girls with stretched ears 00g
    Girls with stretched ears 00g
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    Ear cuffs such as the gold ones utilized in South India provinces or wrapped bead work common amongst the Maasai of East Africa are other options, though are not usually seen in modern Western contexts.

    In the Late Bronze Age, more elaborate forms of metalworking had been developed, and the twisted gold collars known as "torcs" were more popular, as were many items embossed with patterns. Dermal punching is generally the preferred method for accommodating larger jewelry in cartilage piercings.

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    images girls with stretched ears 00g

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