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July 7, at 8: A summary of all the things you have done in the app to date. Gives you date ideas for the two of you. This app for couples lets you communicate with your significant other right on their lock screen. FREE On a less serious note…. FREE This app mostly focuses on organization. Features Social Media Integration:

  • Best Mobile Apps For Couples iPhone & Android ( Edition)

  • Couples, there's an app for that. Are you looking to incorporate an app into your relationship? Here have we outlined the 10 best apps for. A list of useful and fun apps for couples to enhance your relationship and add more 15 Cool And Practical Apps For Couples iOS (free) and Android (free). Kundi is a tool which will help you to find romantic ideas to make your relationship more fun and diverse.

    BEST COUPLE GAME APPS: Next, we’ll tell you the rules of simple, fun game applications in which you can play with your partner.
    July 11, at 5: This app turns your relationship into a game.

    He said he realized that he never really wanted to break up he could not handle emotional baggage I was carrying around all the time.

    You can even post pictures in it or just leave a long note to your special someone. Users that enjoy writing would love this app for couples.

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    images android apps for couples
    This app has a shared lists feature that allows you to share lists with your significant other whether it be a to-do list or a grocery list. To me, this is the best couples app on this list Features Questions to bring you closer: This app has private audio, videos, photos, stickers, to-do lists, drawing and games.

    images android apps for couples

    Yes boys, I know girlfriends do annoying things too. Your personal touch turns their lock screen into your photo by replacing their lock screen image.

    Get now the Best apps for couples, including 69 Places, Between, Happy Couple and 8 other Also ranked #2 in Android apps for long distance relationships.

    Are you currently in a relationship? A special privilege exclusively for couples, start using Between!

    Between is a couples-only app where you can communicate. Couple is a more intimate way to share your life and the best way to stay in touch with your favorite person: it's free, it's fun, and it's completely private!

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    FREE This app mostly focuses on organization. We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! June 15, at 1: As fun as social media is, there are still so many people out there that prefer to keep their relationships and personal information private.

    Best Mobile Apps For Couples iPhone & Android ( Edition)

    On a less serious note….

    images android apps for couples
    Organization is the main focus of this app, and lets just say that it is simply amazing.

    March 19, at 3: This app has a variety of features that help your wife and you to stay constantly on the same page.

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    This feature allows you to upload a photo for your husband or wife that responds to a specific cue that the app sends you daily. May 2, at 2:

    images android apps for couples

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    1. This app is great for married couples who want less features and more focus on communication and the organization.