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An Authorized Participant must make available on or before the contractual settlement date, by means satisfactory to the Fund, immediately available or same-day funds estimated by the Fund to be sufficient to pay the Balancing Amount next-determined after acceptance of the purchase order together with the applicable purchase Transaction Fee. Page 25 of As noted above, the Brokers or the Distributor may reject any order to purchase Creation Units for any reason, including if an order to purchase Shares is not submitted in proper form. In addition, the current value of the Portfolio Deposit, on a per Share basis, will be disseminated at 15 second intervals throughout the day. The Applicants suggest that a redemption payment occurring within such number of calendar days following a redemption request would adequately afford investor protection. Creation Units will be redeemable at NAV per Share next determined after receipt of a request for redemption by the Fund. Page 44 of Authorized Participants as defined below that wish to create or redeem will have equal access to this information and access to the Deposit Securities including any Depositary Receipts in a Portfolio Deposit. Comic Con AZ Given the rationale for what amounts to a delay typically of a few days in the redemption process on certain occasions and given the facts as recited above, the Applicants believe that the redemption mechanism described above will not lead to unreasonable, undisclosed or unforeseen delays in the redemption process.

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  • Application for an Order under Section 6(c) of the Investment Company Act ofas amended (“Act”) for an exemption from Sections 2(a)(32), 5(a)(1), 22(d). Livestreaming, breaking news notifications, and all the news that matters from FOX40 News in a fast, high-performance app. Watch and read stories at the same.

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    The typical exchange-traded fund allows investors to trade a standardized portfolio of securities in a size comparable to a share of common stock.

    images 40 app

    The Distributor, in its capacity as principal underwriter and distributor, will coordinate the production and distribution of the Prospectus or Summary Prospectus to broker-dealers, including the Brokers. Page 53 of Each Fund will issue, on a continuous offering basis, its Shares in one or more groups of a fixed number of Shares e. The Distributor will serve as principal underwriter only of the Creation Units of Shares.

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    The Prospectus also will note that the prospectus-delivery mechanism provided in Rule is only available with respect to transactions on the listing Exchange.

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    In all cases, such Transaction Fees will be limited in accordance with requirements of the Commission applicable to management investment companies offering redeemable securities.

    The Adviser, Sub-Adviser or a service provider to the foregoing persons shall maintain one or more websites as may be appropriate to the relationships between the foregoing persons and the Funds which is and will be publicly accessible at no charge and will contain the following information, on a per Share basis, for each Fund: Page 94 of An Authorized Participant is not required to be a member of an Exchange.

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    Qualification as a Regulated Investment Company.

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    images 40 app

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    Potential Conflicts of Interest.

    Applicants desire to incorporate the creation and redemption mechanism for Creation Units as much as possible into the processing cycles for securities deliveries currently practicable in the principal market s for the Portfolio Securities of a given Foreign Fund.

    Each Actively Managed Fund will pursue its investment objective by investing in liquid securities that the Adviser or Sub-Advisers believes will enable the Funds to achieve their stated investment objective.

    As with other investment companies, the Act requires the Fixed Income Funds to calculate NAV based on the current market value of portfolio investments, and does not permit the Fixed Income Funds to reflect in NAV interest and coupon payments not due and payable.

    All of the Russell Indexes are reconstituted annually to ensure new and growing equities are reflected.

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    The Prospectus also will disclose certain legal risks that are unique to persons purchasing Creation Units from a Fund.

    Shares of an Index-Based Fund, which will attempt to replicate substantially the price and dividend performance of the securities represented by one or more securities indexes, to trade on a national securities exchange at prices set by the market rather than at net asset value. The Prospectus will indicate that the proposed method by which Shares will be purchased and traded may raise certain issues under applicable securities laws.

    Page 11 of For the Actively Managed Fund, provide investors with exposure to the diversification and potential above-market return opportunities offered by an actively managed ETF, as contrasted with Index-Based ETFs, which can offer only index-limited market exposure and index-tracking returns.

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    The Funds may be deemed to be controlled by the Adviser or an entity controlling, controlled by or under common control with the Adviser and hence affiliated persons of each other.

    From time to time and for such periods as the Adviser or the Sub-Adviser in its sole discretion and depending upon who constructs the Creation Units may determine, the Transaction Fees for purchases or redemptions of Creation Units for any Fund may be increased, decreased or otherwise modified.

    Page 12 of The intra-day values of the Portfolio Deposit will be updated throughout the day. Either scenario would signal a fundamental breakdown in the arbitrage process possibly involving misconduct by intermediaries or secondary market participants rather than the existence of inequitable or discriminatory provisions in the ETF structure.

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    images 40 app
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    The amount of the maximum Transaction Fee for each Fund will be set separately and will be fully disclosed in the Prospectus and the method of calculating such Transaction Fees will be disclosed in the Prospectus or SAI. The Adviser will be the investment adviser to each of the Funds and will, in each case, possess full discretionary investment authority with respect to the Funds or discrete portions of Funds that includes the ability to appoint sub-advisers to the Funds.

    In addition, secondary market transactions in Shares of a Fund should generally occur at prices at or close to NAV. Page 36 of The Applicants do not expect the deviations between the market price and the NAV of the Shares to be significant in magnitude or frequency. Based on the foregoing, the Applicants respectfully request the relief set forth below. Potential Discrimination Among Beneficial Owners.

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    1. Once sub-custodians confirm to the Custodian that the required securities have been delivered, the Custodian will notify the Adviser and Distributor.

    2. The Participant Agreement will permit the Fund, to purchase the missing Shares or acquire the Deposit Securities and the Balancing Amount underlying such Shares, and will subject the Authorized Participant to liability for any shortfall between the cost of the Fund acquiring such Shares, Deposit Securities or Balancing Amount and the value of the collateral.